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🇯🇵Kose Urumina + anti-bleaching frost

☀️ Japan's strongest anti-bleach frost this summer!

☀️ Super strong anti-bleaching + perfect shielding! With no demand, the ability to work in just one tank has arrived!

An emulsion that naturally blocks the pores and darkens the pores.

Capable of natural shielding pores, darkening, uneven color, oily light, and no dirt on the ground.

Contains 80% beauty and beauty, and the skin is exposed every day.

Has Japan's highest anti-ultraviolet index (SPF50 + / PA ++++)

✨Ingredients include uric acid, natural protein, ability to quickly penetrate to corner quality, and make the skin smooth.

✨Additional re-addition of makkuri fruit oil, linden fruit oil, and kansailiang that maintains the whole sky on the skin


✨Snow grass, sagebrush harvest, and smooth skin.

Powder color (moisturizing separation)

Purple (high light separation)

Urumina (Kose)

Excluding GST
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